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The Wall Between Us
Senior Years, Family

The Wall Between Us

Zwischen uns die Mauer

In 1986, 17-year-old Anna (Lea Freund) travels with a youth group from her home in regional West Germany to East Berlin. There, she meets rebellious pastor's son Philipp (Tim Bülow). It is love at first sight - but the love-struck teenagers from East and West are separated by the heavily guarded border.

Not only does the Wall stand in their way, but also Anna’s parents (Franziska Weisz and Fritz Karl) who forbid her from seeing Philipp. Events then take a dramatic turn when the Stasi discover Anna’s secret visits over the border.

Based on the autobiographical novel by Katja Hildebrand, this drama from award-winning director Norbert Lechner asks whether this young love can survive such difficult times.

Australian Premiere
15+ (exemption)
Norbert Lechner
Lea Freund, Tim Bülow, Franziska Weisz
2019 | 110 min | Germany | Drama, Romance | German with English subtitles
The story of a great love in a loveless system, portrayed by two young actors (Lea Freund and Tom Bülow), who convey it credibly.