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The Seed
New German Cinema

The Seed

Die Saat

Rainer (Hanno Koffler, also the co-writer) toils on a building site and secures his first job as site manager, which is a much-needed big break. Rising rent has already forced him, his pregnant wife Nadine and 13-year-old daughter Doreen to move into a little house on the city outskirts. At first, Doreen is not thrilled about her new life but then she meets her neighbour Mara and her world changes.

Meanwhile, Rainer’s promotion is shortlived as he is replaced by a cool pragmatist who, with only the investors’ interests in mind, ruthlessly steers the building project towards profit. When an older employee is about to be fired, Rainer stands up to his new superior and involuntarily becomes the leader of a burgeoning resistance. As the pressure mounts inexorably, the struggle for justice and integrity becomes the ultimate test.

Gripping drama The Seed is director Mia Mariel Meyer’s second feature film and is a highly emotional tour-de-force that focuses on the intersection of precarious labor practices with family trauma.

Australian Premiere
18+ (exemption)
Mia Meyer
Hanno Koffler, Anna Blomeier, Roland Bonjour, Andreas Döhler, Robert Stadlober
2021 | 100 min | Germany | Drama | German with English subtitles
Feels urgent and important, and is told with a profound sensitivity.
Berlin International Film Festival 2021
International Film Festival of India 2021