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New German Cinema

The Audition

Das Vorspiel
The Audition

A meticulously arranged visual concerto from acclaimed German actor/director Ina Weisse, gripping drama The Audition stars the captivating Nina Hoss as a woman trapped in the pursuit of success.

Anna Bronsky (Nina Hoss) is a stern violin teacher at a music-focused high school in Berlin. She’s married to French violin maker Philippe (Simon Abkarian) and together they have a 10-year-old son, Jonas (Serafin Mishiev). During the school’s annual admission exams, Anna drives through the entry of a student, Alexander (Ilja Monti), in whom she detects a remarkable talent, despite the opposition of all the other teachers.

Becoming obsessed with Alexander’s progress as she prepares him for the intermediate exam, Anna neglects her husband and brings her violinist son Jonas into competition with her new student. As she looks for new challenges in her rather dull family and professional life, her colleague Christian, with whom she has an affair, persuades her to join a quartet.

A forceful study of the relationships we inhabit, The Audition is an intriguing look at our inability to accept each other for who we are.

Another note-perfect Nina Hoss solo.
Australian Premiere
201999 minGermany, FranceDrama
German and French with English subtitles
Director: Ina Weisse
Cast: Nina Hoss, Simon Abkarian, Jens Albinus
Best Actress, San Sebastián Film Festival 2019
Best Actress, Stockholm Film Festival 2019
Best Feature, Hamburg Film Festival 2019
Aurora Award, Tromsø International Film Festival 2020