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Tales of Franz

Tales of Franz

Die Geschichten vom Franz

When Franz discovers the influencer Hank Haber, his two best friends Gabi and Eduard are initially sceptical. But Franz, the smallest in his class, is up for any kind of advice!

Both Franz’s teacher and the popular kid Elfi are causing him headaches and his world is further upended when Gabi disappears. So, Franz and Eduard set off on a daring search by themselves. In the end they find what they thought they had lost: the biggest friendship that can be found in the world.

Based on the bestselling children's book series by Christine Nöstlinger, this is an enchanting big screen adventure for the whole family.

Australian Premiere
All Ages (exemption)
Johannes Schmid
Jossi Jantschitsch, Nora Reidinger, Leo Wacha, Ursula Strauss, Simon Schwarz
2022 | 78 min | Germany, Austria | Comedy, Family | German with English subtitles
Jossi Jantschitsch, Nora Reidinger and Leo Wacha are perfectly cast as a loveable trio of children.
Wild Bunch Germany