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School of Magical Animals
Early/Middle Years, Family

School of Magical Animals

Die Schule der magischen Tiere

The new girl at the Winterstein School, Ida, has a hard time in her new class, struggling to make friends. One day, their teacher introduces the children to Mortimer Morrison who travels the world looking for magical animals. Surprisingly, newcomer Ida and outsider Benni are the first in the class to have magical companions, with a wise turtle at Benni’s side and a cunning fox at Ida’s.

When objects begin disappearing at school, the children and the magical animals must stick together to solve the mystery of the school thief. Based on Margit Auer's popular book series and featuring CGI animated animals, this is a charming live-action adventure for the whole family.

Australian Premiere
All Ages (exemption)
Gregor Schnitzler
Emilia Maier, Leonard Conrads, Loris Sichrovsky
2021 | 93 min | Germany, Austria | Adventure, Family | German with English subtitles
Big cinema for the little ones.
Spiel Film
#1 German Box Office Hit 2021!

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