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Robby & Toby's Fantastic Voyager

Robby & Toby's Fantastic Voyager


An 11-year-old genius inventor, Toby, becomes friends with an alien robot called Robby. Robby was separated from his robot parents when his spaceship crashed and now trying to fi nd them. Together they build an amazing vehicle that can travel over land, water and air. In this ‘fantastic voyager’ they go out on an adventure to look for Robby’s parents. But the unscrupulous Sir Joshua and his agents are hot on their heels, wanting to the fantastic Voyager for their own evil plans. But even super agents should never underestimate the power of best friends!

All Ages (exemption)
DirectorWolfgang Groos
CastArsseni Bultmann, Alexandra Maria Lara, Sam Riley
Germany, Belgium | 2016 | 106 min
German with English subtitles
*Screens only in Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane.