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Monte Verità
Beyond Berlin: Swiss Cinema

Monte Verità

Monte Verità - Der rausch der freiheit

In 1906, young mother of two Hanna Leitner wants nothing more than to free herself from her bourgeois role and its social constraints. She abandons her family and flees to the sanatorium at Monte Verità.

When she arrives at the picturesque retreat, she finds more than just relief for her lungs: an eclectic group of artists and scientist have formed a community here, searching for healing and a utopia.

There, in the idyllic countryside of southern Switzerland, Hanna not only discovers her passion for the art of photography, but also finds her own voice. Yet soon she is faced with a heart wrenching decision, can she return to her family without giving up on herself?

A stunningly photographed historical drama, Monte Verità is based on the true story about the world’s first hippie commune. In this gorgeous film, Swiss director Stefan Jäger assembles a stellar ensemble cast to portray some towering figures from early 20th century European culture, including Hermann Hesse and Isadora Duncan.

Australian Premiere
18+ (exemption)
Stefan Jäger
Maresi Riegner, Max Hubacher, Julia Jentsch
2021 | 115 min | Switzerland, Germany, Austria | Historical Drama | German and Italian with English subtitles
At the centre of Monte Verità are strong, self-confident women.
Locarno International Film Festival 2021
Diagonale: Festival of Austrian Film 2022