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Lotte & Luise: Twins On Board

Lotte & Luise: Twins On Board

Das doppelte Lottchen

In this modern retelling of Erich Kästner's classic novel, made famous by The Parent Trap, twins Lotte and Luise have been separated since birth. With completely opposite personalities the two are shocked when they meet at summer camp. After getting used to the idea that the other exists, they decide to change places, and trade cell phones to stay in touch. Just as they're adjusting to their new lives, their dad seems to be getting serious with a new woman. Can Lotte, posing as Luise, prevent the romance, or will it require Luise's return to steer their dad back to their mum? 

All Ages (exemption)
DirectorLancelot von Naso
CastDelphine Lohmann, Mia Lohmann, Florian Stetter, Alwara Hoefels
Germany | 2017 | 93 min
German with English subtitles