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It's Just a Phase, Honey
New German Cinema

It's Just a Phase, Honey

Es ist nur eine Phase, Hase

After the realisation that their once picture-perfect marriage has gone stale, 40-somethings Paul (Christoph Maria Herbst, How About Adolf? GFF19) and Emilia (Christiane Paul, Counterpart) set out to regain their long-lost youth.

While Paul attempts to revisit the life he lived as a young writer, sleeping with younger women and partying, actress Emilia, quickly approaching 50, struggles with her new life after being recently separated and on the dating scene.

The separated couple confronts their new anxieties about ageing, sex, family, and success, and when they unexpectedly bump into each other at a birthday party, they are forced to reflect on what they had.

This clever adaptation of Maxim Leo and Jochen-Martin Gutsch’s best-selling novel of 25 different, unconnected anecdotes about middle age, is directed by Oscar-winner Florian Gallenberger (Colonia, John Rabe). A surprisingly grounded character study that wrestles with the ups and downs of separation and mid-life crisis, It’s Just a Phase, Honey is wickedly funny.

Australian Premiere
18+ (exemption)
Florian Gallenberger
Christoph Maria Herbst, Christiane Paul, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen
2021 | 105 min | Germany | Comedy, Drama, Romance | German with English subtitles
The midlife crisis comedy… fun and excellent entertainment.
Seattle International Film Festival 2021
Zurich Film Festival 2021