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Hanna's Sleeping Dogs

Hanna's Sleeping Dogs

Hannas schlafende Hunde

Based on the semi-autobiographical novel Schlafende Hunde by Elisabeth Escher, the sleeping dogs of family history awake - and three generations of women face the fallout. 

Set in the 1960s in a provincial Austrian town, the bright nine-year-old Johanna discovers that her hometown’s idyllic façade hides historic traumas. Growing up a good Catholic girl, life changes for Johanna when her blind grandmother Ruth (German Academy Award winner Hannelore Elsner) finally reveals the family secret about their Jewish past. The local pastor and religious teacher make Johanna feel unwelcome, and neighbours ostracize the family. Johanna, however, decides to embrace, not hide, her heritage, and reinvents herself as “Hanna.”

WINNERBest Screenplay, Shanghai International Film Festival 2017
OFFICIAL SELECTIONBerlin & Beyond Film Festival, San Francisco 2017
OFFICIAL SELECTIONMiami Jewish Film Festival 2017
18+ (exemption)
DirectorAndreas Gruber
CastHannelore Elsner, Nike Seitz, Franziska Weisz
Germany, Austria | 2016 | 120 min
German with English subtitles