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Young At Heart

Grandparenting 101

Enkel für Anfänger
Grandparenting 101

Karin’s (Maren Kroymann, All About Me) retirement life isn't what she hoped. She stopped work to spend more time with her husband Harold expecting that they could travel the world, but they do not. Retired physician Gerhard (Heiner Lauterbach, Cold Feet) has been widowed for two years and now his dog has died. Philippa (Fassbinder muse Barbara Sukowa, Hanna Arendt) is a retired hippie living in a rundown trailer in a trailer park.

This isn’t how Karin, Gerhard and Philippa imagined their retirement at all. Instead of enjoying their free time they feel weary, useless and…old! In their search for new perspectives, Philippa arranges for them to become hired grandparents, and they each get a family with children to take care of. But instead of harmony and gratitude, they are soon confronted with overprotective parents, hyperactive children and their own demons and dreams.

A charming comedy that connects old and young, in Grandparenting 101 these three discover that it is never too late to start a new chapter in life.

Very amusing.
Australian Premiere
2020104 minGermanyComedy
German with English subtitles
Director: Wolfgang Groos
Cast: Maren Kroymann, Heiner Lauterbach, Barbara Sukowa, Günther Maria Halmer