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New German Cinema

Dream Factory

Dream Factory

It’s summer 1961 and Emil (Dennis Mojen) has just started working as an extra at DEFA Studio Babelsberg when he falls head over heels in love with a French dancer named Milou (Emilia Schüle, My Brother Simple GER18) on the sound stage. The pair are made for each other but are torn apart when East Germany closes its border and erects the Berlin Wall on August 13th of that year. It seems like Emil and Milou will never see each other again. That is, until the resourceful Emil comes up with a daring plan…

A period-piece love letter to East Germany’s DEFA film studios, Martin Schreier's third feature resurrects the world of classical studio production against the tumultuous backdrop of political events. Recalling the masterpieces of the golden age of cinema, this dramatic narrative of mistaken identities features a star-studded cast including Heiner Lauterbach, Ken Duken and Nikolai Kinski.

Combining grand emotion, comedic wit and a touch of historical nostalgia, Dream Factory is a magical and endearing love story.

Lavish production.
Australian Premiere
2019128 minGermanyComedy, Drama, Romance
German with English subtitles
Director: Martin Schreier
Cast: Dennis Mojen, Emilia Schüle, Heiner Lauterbach, Ken Duken
Acting, Golden Hen Awards Germany 2019
Best German Actress, Jupiter Award 2020