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Dear Mr. Führer

Das Glaszimmer
Dear Mr. Führer

When their Munich home is bombed in the spring of 1945, Anna and her eleven-year-old son Felix seek sanctuary in Anna’s childhood village in Bavaria. Neighbour Feik was Anna’s old school friend and is now a loyal Nazi, the local bigwig who keeps the whole village in line.

While Anna has a tough time fitting in and playing the convinced National Socialist, Felix feels increasingly drawn to his new friends. As a city boy he wants to fit in – at all cost!

An important tale of belonging, Dear Mr. Führer is based on the childhood memories of scriptwriter Josef Einwange.


Australian Premiere
202094 minGermanyFamily
German with English subtitles
Director: Christian Lerch
Cast: Xari Wimmbauer, Luis Vorbach, Hannah Yoshimi Hagg, David Benkovitch, Lisa Wagner