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Backstage Vienna State Opera

Backstage Wiener Staatsoper
Backstage Vienna State Opera

The world-famous Vienna State Opera enchants a large audience with spectacular performances every evening. Stephanus Domanig’s fascinating documentary Backstage Vienna State Opera takes us behind the scenes at this cultural institution, showing the often invisible work that enables the world-renowned singers, conductors and musicians to delight their audience.

The film shines a light on the sizable team behind, next to and underneath the stage who keep the complex operation going. Men and women toil in shifts from 7am to 11pm, sometimes making a thundering racket in the empty theatre and other times working as quietly as possible to avoid disturbing rehearsals or performances. Rapid pace, precision, craft, creativity, small gestures and great efforts lead to the magic that the opera produces every night and this documentary provides viewers an idea of everything that is necessary for productions to be successful and run smoothly.

A captivating glimpse behind the curtain, Backstage Vienna State Opera champions the people behind the scenes and on stage at the Opera and their precise teamwork that is vital to the operation of one of the largest opera houses in the world.

Australian Premiere
201996 minAustriaDocumentary
German with English subtitles
Director: Stephanus Domanig
Cast: Marco Armiliato, Elina Garanca, Simon Keenlyside
Best Cinematography, Romy Gala Austria 2020