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Arthur & Claire

Arthur & Claire

A sensitive, intelligent and sharp-tongued tragicomedy.

The chance meeting of two people at the darkest moments of their lives leads to a bright new beginning in this bleakly humorous comedy.

Terminally ill Arthur (Josef Hader, Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe 2016) travels to Amsterdam seeking to end his life, though his planned last opulent trip is constantly disrupted: on the plane a child knocks over his glass of sparkling and on the eve of his scheduled death, he hears loud noises from the hotel room next door. There he finds Claire (Hannah Hoekstra, Berlin International Film Festival Shooting Star 2017), a young Dutch woman who wants to commit suicide. He manages to stop her, and she takes him into the night life of Amsterdam, each with the intention of changing the other’s mind within the last few hours allotted to them. 

18+ (exemption)
DirectorMiguel Alexandre
CastJosef Hader, Hannah Hoekstra
Germany, Austria, The Netherlands | 2018 | 100 min
German and Dutch with English subtitles