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5 Films from 5 Decades

Happy birthday to the Goethe-Institut in Australia, which turns 50 this year! To celebrate, the Goethe teams in Melbourne and Sydney have hand-picked a film from each of these five decades… join them on this exhilarating time-travel expedition through the 1970s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s!

Presented by the Goethe-Institut.

Please note, this sidebar will not be screening in Byron Bay.


In Volker Schlöndorff’s adaptation of the Günter Grass novel, a three-year-old is determined to boycott the adult world and remain a child forever in this masterful coming-of-age story.

Presented by the Goethe-Institut. 


An iconic DEFA film that follows an aspiring pop singer on tour and in the underground music scene in East Berlin that captures East Germany of the 1970s through its gritty-glitzy visuals and catchy soundtrack.

Presented by the Goethe-Institut. 


When her boyfriend botches up a smuggling payment, Lola has 20 minutes to come up with 100,000 Deutschmarks in this exhilarating thriller set in Berlin and starring Franka Potente.

Presented by the Goethe-Institut


In his breakout role, Daniel Brühl stars in this charming comedy as a young man who must protect his fragile mother, recently awoken from a coma, from learning that her beloved East Germany is no more after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Presented by the Goethe-Institut


A breathtaking cinematic adventure, shot in one continuous take, that follows a young Spanish woman who finds her flirtation with a local Berlin man turn potentially deadly on a night out with his friends.

Presented by the Goethe-Institut.